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The Trocadero Media Storm!

Since we found the Trocadero book, there has been a considerable amount of media interest. Part of our research involved contacting the media, nationally and in and around London. This resulted in BBC Radio Four's Food Programme making an entire half hour on the book, its background, the food featured, and the history of the Trocadero.

From this the Daily Telepraph and others wrote short articles on our find. Our local BBC Radio Station, Radio Solent invited us on to talk about the book - and this internet site. That was a strange experience as we're both ex-BBC broadcasters so used to asking the questions, not answering them! The most significant coverage though appeared on our local paper, the Southern Daily Echo.

So far though, no one has taken up our interest to publish a book about The Trocadero, reconstructing some of the most interesting menus with recipes, and history of the day, in order to recreate the meals for special occasions. If you are, or know of, a publisher who maybe interested, please let us know!!

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