The Trocadero Restaurant Frieze

When the Trocadero opened, running round the ceiling of this hall was a giant frieze depicting King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, six feet deep and ninety feet long. This was created by a Professor Moira and his student, an artist called Jenkins. Both were poor and glad of the work it is reported, and years later when he was famous, the Professor returned to the Trocadero and painted the white frieze with bright colours.

It exists in part to this day in a first floor cinema foyer on the Trocadero site at Piccadilly Circus, having been restored and mounted in 1991. (Sadly the best view is from a moving escalator, but the scale of the work, given that this was but a small jewel in The Trocadero's crown, is remarkable).

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King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table enjoy a rowdy meal together!

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