Wedding Video Costs

The cost of having your marriage recorded professionally can vary from a few hundred pounds, to thousands.

Among the factors are the number of camerapersons, difficulties of the location, whether lighting is needed particularly at the reception, and the cost of post-production. Remember you're buying the dedicated professional services of an experienced company with all of its overheads - even though all you'll see (hopefully) will be the cameraperson on the day itself. Casterbridge wedding costs illustration

Most companies (including CASTERBRIDGE VIDEO) begin their pricing for recording the marriage itself at around 500.00. For this you will receive a recording of the actual marriage service, edited, with titles and captions introducing the service, in a presentation case. The length of the programme will be about half an hour.

For a production showing the arrivals at church, the actual service, the drive away, and the reception and speeches, relaxed shots of the guests and the overall atmosphere, the price will start at 750.00. Again you'll receive a complete programme with introduction titles, captions, and an ending. (Beware...some wedding videos simply 'stop', rather that 'concluding' the narrative naturally at an appropriate point!) The service will be covered from several camera angles allowing close-ups of the couple and the ceremony, the venue, as well as wider shots of the congregation or wedding party.

Casterbridge Video costs illustration The length of this programme will be about an hour and a quarter. Bear in mind that quantity (duration) isn't everything - you want an interesting compilation of the service, speeches and other highlights, properly edited, rather than a tape made by a camera simply being left on throughout the day, which may be extremely tiring to watch. This means considerable work for the video producer - around two and a half to three days of post-production is our average in most cases.

A good average cost for this, which is the product most people like, is 800.00. For that Casterbridge Video will supply three copies in presentation cases, as although you can purchase other copies later (25.00 each), we find most couples want a tape for themselves and copies for their respective families to be included.

Finally you can spend as much as you would like for full coverage. This may include:

The most we have charged to date for a wedding video, with a lot of extras, was 1600.00.

You will probably be asked to pay a deposit, which may not be returnable. This should be around 200. Most companies will include travel within a certain distance (usually a radius of 20 miles) but charge beyond this. Expect to have to provide some refreshment for the cameraperson. They may be working from 09.30hrs to 17.00hrs and can't 'slip away' in case they miss something! A plate of sandwiches provided by the reception venue are usually ample.

Bear in mind that CASTERBRIDGE VIDEO offers its Wedding Service at a competitive and guaranteed price. The fee we discuss with you in advance will be what we charge you for the agreed service - no 'extras' will creep onto the final invoice. We are unusual in giving this undertaking which provides security and peace of mind at a busy and expensive time! Our approach is traditional - we believe the video production should not intrude on the day, but be a discreet observer.

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